‘If you really want to work for yourself, dream big and start small’ The Scotsman

Starting a new business is hard work. Even if you have a brilliant idea, a market opportunity, and the skills and confidence to do it, it’s tough making it happen. Imagine doing all that work while also having a job. It might seem that you’re making your life twice as hard, but having a side hustle is growing in popularity and those who try it are not only having startup success but also enjoying the process.

I interviewed Callum Murray, CEO and founder of award-winning legal services platform Amiqus, for an article about side hustles for The Scotsman newspaper.

Read the article: If you really want to work for yourself, dream big and start small to find out the tactics that can make a side hustle more likely to succeed and the process of going into business more enjoyable. Including:

1. Dream big but start small. 

2. Make time. 

3. Forget perfectionism. 

4. Connect with others. 

5. Focus on the process not the outcome. 

As Murray says, “It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.” But building a business, and one which makes a difference to people every day, is one of the most satisfying things you can do.