Video: look for problems to solve

Bec Evans, author of How to Have a Happy Hustle, on how you can find ways to innovate by becoming a problem hunter.

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How do you get ideas? You don't go out and look for them, instead you look for problems to solve.

And luckily for us there's problems everywhere. They don't need to be big problems; Focus on the things that trip you up on your day to day.

For Jo, she couldn't find a pair of jeans to fit her, or George who was studying for his GCSEs and was looking for a revision app. Both of them used those problems to trigger new business ideas.

That's where innovation lies.

Becoming a problem hunter will give you opportunities to create solutions.

You just need to start small, build and test ideas with real people, and that will give you the skills and confidence to keep going. And what's more it's fun!

So what's stopping you? Become a problem hunter today and an inventor tomorrow and who knows where your ideas will lead you.

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