Video: learning how to fail

Bec Evans, author of How to Have a Happy Hustle, on how learning how to fail is an essential step to build and develop ideas.

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What's the secret to making ideas happen?

While money, and luck, and being blessed with creative genius might help, there's a better way to succeed, and one that's available to all of us, and that's learning how to fail.

Learning from what you do is essential as you build ideas.

It might hurt, but failure accelerates learning. You fail fast, and you learn fast.

And that's what some of the most innovative companies do: Take Google's sister company X; they reward staff with cash bonuses for failure because it generates real off-the-wall innovations.

So get out there and test your ideas early. It will give you confidence and resilience, which will help you have better ideas in the future.

And when it goes wrong, which to be honest it will, you'll learn from failure and be stronger and more determined.

Start small, fail often, learn fast, find your Happy Hustle.